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Pintxo-Pote Route Map

The BEST Pintxo-Pote route in San Sebastián

So what does Pintxo-Pote even mean? To put it simply, it (very loosely) translates from Basque as ‘just a bit of food and drink’. As a resident of San Sebastián I discovered that this Thursday night tradition has been going on for the course of

Bar Astelena: Succulent Carilleras

Beef cheek is a popular hot pintxo that can be found simmering in many a basque restaurant kitchen. Although this is originally a very tough part of the cow, after a loving slow cook, this meat becomes extremely tender. I don’t like going on too

Bar Alex: Risotto de Queso y Hongos

Bar Alex is hands down my favourite pintxo joint in San Sebastián. Great prices, fantastic ingredients, perfect menus and astounding staff who go out of their way to insure you’re making the best of their hometown. The Raciones (sides – bigger than pintxos) are the

Casa Senra: Jamón con coulis Patxaran

Casa Senra is a spreading secret on the restaurant scene in San Sebastián. Located on the residential side in Gros, it’s commonly off the tourist trail. I visited Casa Senra for the first time when an acquaintance of mine, a New York chef, was recommended

Bar Nestor: Tortilla

I thought it would be great to start with a classic. La Tortilla! A simple and popular dish made badly by so many. Bar Nestor is famous for their tortilla, so much so that you have to place an order for it in the afternoon