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Exclusive Acoustic Track from Jamie Woon: Skin

Our favourite London boy has recorded an exclusive performance with SBTV. The acoustic recording, ‘Skin’, is taken from his upcoming album, ‘Making Time’, which is set to drop November 6th. Jamie Woon has remained relatively undercover since his debut album, ‘Mirrorwriting’, in 2011. But if

Lovebox 2014 Review: East London’s Gift To The City

Woo hoo! My first summer festival since….I can’t even remember when. Lovebox has been on everyone’s list for the past 5 years. With the skater boys to the Chelsea gals etching this two-day city festival into their calendars. As my companion said, inner-city festivals are

Ballad To The Londonite

It’s a shit day, You don’t get paid for another month Bills spilling outta your pockets and into your socks And that tramp on Walworth Road’s got better luck. You’ve only got £1.20 on the oyster card, you’ll be walking to the oyster bar, It’s

Cymbals – Like An Animal

In the last two years, Cymbals have quickly garnered the attention of all the right people. From supporting Temper Trap to being paraded around national radio playlists, this friendly four piece are unostentatiously making a name for themselves. With largely mixed feedback on their 2011

D/R/U/G/S & Delphic @ Village Underground

November 1st 2012 Attending any show where the support act has stylised themselves as a nondescript narcotic is usually an indicator of kitsch things to come. Callum Wright aka D/R/U/G/S has seamlessly made the shift away from backstreet music blogs. Advertised as being part of