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Monday Mixtape | Monday Mixtape – Invisible Images

Monday Mixtape

#MondayMixtape: Dreaming of Canada

This playlist marks my departure from Canada and encapsulates the sound of my temporary experience. All the artists featured are from Canada and the tracks selected perfectly reflect the feeling of loss, bemusement and hopefulness. This playlist is for anyone that is in a reflective

#MondayMixtape: Best of Indie Week 2014

Just thought I’d put a mixture of my favourites and the winners of Indie Week 2014 into a nice playlist for you. Prepare for an outrageously eclectic mix: metal to hip-hop to folk in under 30mins. The Hot Sprockets – Soul Brother DIANA – Born

#MondayMixtape: No words, Just Action

This has been a very delayed playlist. I spent all my childhood fighting against instrumental tracks. I never understood it, I didn’t see the appeal. After all, how are you supposed to understand a song when they are no words in it? But upon growing

Monday Mixtape

#MondayMixtape: Open Road, Open Heart

This is a compilation of songs that aid that “freedom feeling” when you’re cruising as far away as possible from where you’re from. The ultimate road trip playlist without the cheese. Just like the road, life is more fun when it’s explored and spontaneous. Canned

Monday Mixtape

#MondayMixtape: Leaving For The City

This is a mix for those who were either raised in or moved to “The City”. The struggle, the depression, the joys, the experiences. This great, glassed, grey geyser that either sucks people down or propels people up. A few of the artists sing songs