Where to watch Eurovision 2016 in London

Where should you go to watch Eurovision 2016 in London? The answer is simple. With Australia competing for the second time in a row and Belarus’s entry performing naked, on stage with a live wolf – you have to be surrounded by like-minded crazies to properly appreciate the Greek Tragedy that is Eurovision 2016. Whether you like to cry, criticise or have a shot of whiskey every time a romantic ballad bursts into a house music chorus, there’s somewhere in London for you. Eurovision, for better or worse, certainly rallies the nations together. And for three hours, once a year, we can applaud our misguided sense of national identity whilst simultaneously illustrating our mutual hatred for each other in song.

BGWMC, Bethnal Green 

Bethnal Green Working Men’s club is the perfect pop-cabaret locale to celebrate in outrageous fashion. Games, an in-house host and general calamity will be on the plate for the night. Expect more dancing and drinking, than serious viewing.

via Time Out

via Time Out

Genesis Cinema, Mile End

East London’s coolest independent cinema will be hosting a viewing party in their Bar Paragon. Feel free to sip on a mocha or martini in comfort and style. Conchita sophistication: acceptable. Beard: optional.

Genesis Cinema

The Water Poet, Spitalfields

This Spitalfields joint will be hosting their annual fancy dress competition ‘on a night where anything Swedish goes and stereotypes are good-naturedly welcomed’. Naturally, the winner will be rewarded with overflowing libations.

Water Poet Eurovision 2016

Clapham Picturehouse, Clapham

Various Picturehouse branches around the UK will be hosting their own Eurovision screening, but Clapham’s own LGBT Film Club Out At Clapham is the pick of the bunch and will be making their screening extra special as ticketholders will be provided with a goody bag full of munchies and everything to help you keep score during the night.

via Colm Britton

via Colm Britton

The Victoria Inn, Peckham

Choumertt Road’s trendy country pub will be showing Eurovision on two screens, without the added drama or dire costumes. This is the perfect place to furrow eyebrows over a lengthy pint and place bets on what wardrobe malfunction will happen next.

victoria inn, peckham

Honourable Mentions…The Vauxhall Griffin, Vauxhall

The Griffin will be putting together a live screening for another year with appropriately themed food for locals who are equally as interested in pints and points.

The Bavarian Beerhouses, Tower Hill

The Tower Hill branch of the Bavarian Beerhouses is a great place for a relaxed stein of beer, whilst rubbing shoulders with locals who come from all over the continent.


For Eurovision haters…Southbank Centre, Southbank  

Alternative Eurovision will be he held on May 13th, the day before the final. The Wonder Ground has created their own competition in a circus tent in Southbank, providing punters with all the fun, but none of that hapless talent. There will be no less, glitz, glamour and calamity occurring whilst a host of silly performers vie for the audience’s attention, adoration and the all-important douze points.

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4 thoughts on “Where to watch Eurovision 2016 in London”

  1. Nikolai Vorobyov says:

    Where are you going to be, Angel?? 🙂

    1. annalamma says:

      Hahah. I really want to have a #Europarty but there’s no booze alowed in my house and there’s no money to go out….so I’m stuck! Very tempted to go to Bethnal Green though. What about you?

  2. REBECCA says:

    Wow, London looks great to go out there and watch the game……Good Post!

    1. annalamma says:

      Aw. Thanks. Wimbledon is coming up in June and that will be a hundred times bigger. Pimms and cucumber sandwiches all round!

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