Tom Williams & The Boat – Concentrate

Tom Williams & The Boat’s new single contains the recipe for success as it has all the hallmarks of a track with widespread appeal. The vocals are accessible as they sound ‘familiar’, the guitars and drums are not doing anything too extraordinary, the beat doesn’t race and it doesn’t lag and lastly, the track radiates positive chords. There is nothing that anybody can find offensive in Concentrate as it has that “have-I-heard-this-before?” feel – this could be a positive or a negative depending on how ‘safe’ you play it with your musical tastes. Beyond the harmonious contrast of violas and guitars there is something that still seems to draw the attention away. Concentrate is lyrically dextrous as within the seemingly happy motivation behind the track you get a darker, more intriguing story delivered straight your ears and willing your senses to follow the words till the end.

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