The Savage Nomads – The Magic Eye

There is nothing to dislike about ‘The Magic Eye’, the first song taken off the new album from The Savage Nomads. Opening with an intro over ones-minute’s worth in length, The Savage Nomads show they have no fear of defying convention and creating a track for themselves not the public. ‘The Magic Eye’ is a Petri dish of differing genres subtly put together. Indie, post-punk, indie-pop – even with all these tags having been placed on their sound, the only thing you need to remember is that they are doing exactly what BLOC PARTY did for the music scene back in the noughties  – which is to give a fresh and simple interpretation to the music of the moment. Amidst a decade dedicated to the re-emergence of dub-step, synths and beat machines The Savage Nomads provides us with that little respite of clarity. The extravagant vocals, barking chants and two-note riff pattern all blend together to make for good listening. There have been many reviews that The Savage Nomads are hinted to become the-next-big-thing –  even though this single is particularly charming, it still does not live up to these high accolades…however, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.

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