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Lana Del Rey’s new single release, ‘West Coast’

Although not a keen Lana Del Rey fan, her new single, ‘West Coast’, from upcoming album Ultraviolence does shine with her dark, trademark creativity. This new release has all the vibes and synth effects of an early ’90s mood tune with a chorus that harkens

Cymbals – Like An Animal

In the last two years, Cymbals have quickly garnered the attention of all the right people. From supporting Temper Trap to being paraded around national radio playlists, this friendly four piece are unostentatiously making a name for themselves. With largely mixed feedback on their 2011

Real Fur – Animal

Real Fur single, Animal is initially quite reminiscent of the spunk of Vampire Weekend and Foals. The first half of this single is definitely the better half as we get hints of musical motifs forming – the cheeky bass, frank vocals and spring-time guitar embellishments

The Click Five – Don’t Let Me Go

The Click Five have released the single Don’t Let Me Go. Unfortunately, without watching the video, any ordinary listener would pass it off as a mild-mannered, hapless love song – but there is oh so much more to it than that. Dont’ Let Me Go

Common Tongues – Jumping Ship

Common Tongues’ self-titled track, Jumping Ships, is a simple light-hearted affair. The rhythmic singing style that opens up the track gives way to a syncopated, pop-like chorus that would add a smile to anyone’s face. The second track, Life of Me, comes across as being