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Bar Alex: Risotto de Queso y Hongos

Bar Alex is hands down my favourite pintxo joint in San Sebastián. Great prices, fantastic ingredients, perfect menus and astounding staff who go out of their way to insure you’re making the best of their hometown. The Raciones (sides – bigger than pintxos) are the

Casa Senra: Jamón con coulis Patxaran

Casa Senra is a spreading secret on the restaurant scene in San Sebastián. Located on the residential side in Gros, it’s commonly off the tourist trail. I visited Casa Senra for the first time when an acquaintance of mine, a New York chef, was recommended

Is the art of “dressing up” for the Opera dead?

Over the weekend I attended an Opus Lirica adaption of Donizetti’s opera, Elisir D’amore. So, I thought I’d use this occasion to “dress up” a little – that’s what people do, right? I sought out one of two dresses I had stuffed into my luggage

How to drink like a local in the Basque Country

Kalimotxo is a drink for the younger generation. Perhaps in other countries people would consider you a chav or a council estate stereotype for mixing red wine and Coca-Cola, but here, it’s all the rage. Served with boat-sinking blocks of ice, it’s a great summer

Thrift Shop

Best Thrift Shops in San Sebastian

No matter the economic climate, people are always on the lookout for a bargain. And when travelling, sometimes a thirft shop is just what you need to replenish those long soiled rags called clothes you´ve been carrying around for weeks. San Sebastian is one of