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Micah P Hinson @ The Louisiana

November 9th 2012 With large glasses, a flat cap and a chequered shirt, Micah P. Hinson resembles more of an art-house film director than a musician. His endearingly uncomfortable stage manner (leg spasms, rolling hips, eyes directed to heaven) are offset by his rough-yet-serene vocals.

Vetiver – The Errant Charmer

Upon the first listen, The Errant Charmer reminded me of those picture-boards at the seaside with the holes cut out for the faces – the tracks on this album are like the same picture of a mermaid holding flowers but with the faces of different

Tom Williams & The Boat – Concentrate

Tom Williams & The Boat’s new single contains the recipe for success as it has all the hallmarks of a track with widespread appeal. The vocals are accessible as they sound ‘familiar’, the guitars and drums are not doing anything too extraordinary, the beat doesn’t