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Post War Years – Galapagos

It seems we have found the anthem for a new coming generation in music. It all starts here. Galapagos has truly taken us on a voyage beyond what other contemporary “electonica” outfits are capable of. Although this may be their second album, Galapagos is the

K-X-P – II

K-X-P’s second album, denominated simply by the roman numerals, II, is introduced with a horn section playing a dystopian national anthem, which quickly fazes into the opening track Melody. Although starting kitshy-enough for the trendsetter kids to sneer at, K-X-P redeem themselves by having cotton

Vetiver – The Errant Charmer

Upon the first listen, The Errant Charmer reminded me of those picture-boards at the seaside with the holes cut out for the faces – the tracks on this album are like the same picture of a mermaid holding flowers but with the faces of different

The Antlers – Burst Apart

When putting on a new album, those cold moments of holding your breath as the first few notes play can be frightening – you never know what to expect. The Antlers definitely don’t make these moments any easier as the first track off the new

Kryophere – Hiraeth

If there were still any active volcanoes in Wales, along with ash and molten lava, Kryophere would most definitely also be expelled. They’re large, attention grabbing and oh so volatile sounding in their spanking new debut album, Hiraeth. But what makes them so different from