Semana Santa in Hondarribia 2014

Semana Santa (“holy week”) or Easter in continental Europe is much more of an extravagant affair. Instead of just passing around recycled chocolate eggs, streets come alive as the community gather to pay their respects and remember the saviour who died for their sins. The entire procession takes place in silence and many people are found hushing those who start casual conversations. From the pained expressions of their faces, you can see that the float bearers carry a huge weight on their shoulders. What looks like decorational staffs are actually poles to prop under the float when they stand still.

The religious iconography consists of the different moments of Jesus’ last hours. Walking to the cross, on the cross and then resurrected. Mary also plays a big part (this is the Catholic church after all). The detailing in the clothes and expressions can keep a waiting crowd entertained as they are mournfully carried past.

The music of the day was a traditional funeral dirge. With a skeleton band dressed as Roman soldiers to a full woodwind orchestra leading the last lap of the march – this was a truly unique easter experience.

If you had a lovely Easter week, get in touch, share your pictures and let me know how it went!

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