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Quick & Easy Roast Duck | Quick & Easy Roast Duck – Invisible Images

Quick & Easy Roast Duck


Duck wrapped

Duck is a pretty hassle-free bird to roast. Unlike some other undesirable winged creatures (ehm, turkey), this one has natural fats and flavour that needs no tampering with. Note: Ideal preparation is the night before and only  takes 10 minutes.

If you’re buying a duck, its probably frozen. So leave this to defrost in the refrigerator approximately 36 hours before you plan on cooking it.

Tip: It’s a very simple thing to forget but keep your bird in a container whilst it defrosts otherwise you’ll (literally) have a bloody, wet mess all over your chilled goods.

Duck pinching1.  Start by piercing the skin of the duck with a knife. This makes the fatty juices drain off to the bottom of the pan and helps to achieve that crispy, crinkly skin. Pinching and lifting the skin will ensure you don’t pierce the flesh otherwise those desirable juices from the meat will escape.

Duck Herbs2. Season well with salt, black pepper and your chosen herbs. Here, I’ve elected to go for some standard favourites: Rosemary and Thyme. Get the bird evenly covered, don’t forget under the wings or the inside cavities. 

Honey3. I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth and honey is a great addition to give extra, tender sweetness – along with colour. Get some good quality natural honey and slather over the body of the bird and pour a bit on the inside for good luck. Note: a squeesy bottle makes this process a lot easier!

Duck honey

4. For extra flavour, stuff it with the peel of 1 orange and a whole small onion cut in two.

5. and voila! Your delicious duck is ready to go. If you’ve got time on your hands then place it in a bowl and chuck it in the fridge to “rest” overnight!

Duck finished

6.  Duck When you’re ready to roast, stick the oven on Gas Mark 5 and wrap your Roasting Pan and Duck in foil. This will prevent it from drying out.

7.  Roast for about 2hrs 25mins, turning it into its breast after on hour. After two hours, turn again and drizzle on some extra honey and turn up to Gas Mark 6. Your bird is ready when you give it a good poke and the juices run clear.

8. This duck didn’t last very long once cooked! Enjoy!



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