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Pintxos (“pinch-ohs” – which loosely translates from Basque as ‘just a bit’) are something of a legend in the Basque Country, as people from far and wide flock to Northern Spain to witness and taste the rumours of this culinary tradition. San Sebastián has some of the best collection of pintxo bars and traditional Basque dishes in the region. Pintxos and Tapas are not the same (although people tend to think so); a mi modo de ver, Tapas is restricted to stock selections where a group of friends share the food between themselves. In the Basque Region, Pintxos can also be a solitary affair where absolutely anything can be a pintxo – from mini-hamburgers, to foie to smoked salmon on a bed coleslaw.

What most tourists don’t know is that most (good) bars have a flagship pintxo, so people may go to one locale for the Brocheta de Gambas and then travel to another for the Patatas Alioli. So, don’t be a tourist and do as the locals do –  get up and explore! Considering there are over 400 hundred places to eat in SS, each week I’ll be revealing my favourite spots to make navigating this food forest a bit easier.

Aprovéchate !

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