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Penguin Prison: Breaking Out Onto The Scene | Penguin Prison: Breaking Out Onto The Scene – Invisible Images

Penguin Prison: Breaking Out Onto The Scene

Apart from being linked to everybody from Alicia Keys to Q-Tip, if you unite a heavy dose of ‘80s throw-back disco with ‘90s boy-band vocals, then encase this in today’s electro-music craze, we have only just begun to explain the wonder that is Chris Glover, man behind the alias, Penguin Prison.


Throughout your musical career, you’ve done many things and worked under many visors – do you feel like you’re gradually arriving at the artist you’ve always wanted to be or is Penguin Prison a discovery in process?

I’m definitely discovering as I’m going along. I’ve always liked taking different musical routes too, y’know, like Beck. His albums are changing all the time. I want to make albums just like him. Each time different in the future.


Are there any artists that were pivotal to your musical upbringing?

There are all the standard ones that I always pick out. People like Michael Jackson, Prince, LCD Soudsystem, Talking Heads – but there’s way more to me than that – like, I also listened to Fela Kuti,

Do you ever feel negatively marked by the general ‘Oh-God, Not-Another-New-York-Musician’ mentality.

I’m proud to be a New Yorker, I grew up there and I still live there- and I’m also guessing I sound like I’m from there. I’m definitely from there- there’s no point in denying it.


What do you find easier? Remixing other people’s work or creating your own? 

When the music is there already, you have to work with it…but with your own stuff you can do whatever you want because it’s new, it’s fresh and so it’s easier.


Do you have a certain type of listener in mind when you compose?

This album I’ve done is really catchy, so it’s for people that like to dance.


Do you ever feel like your actual utilizable musical abilities are overlooked in any way?

Yea. I go extremely low and extremely high – there’s a big range in my voice.  I’m not sure if many people know that


On a scale of 1 – 10 how anxious are you about your album

Anxious? No, I’m not.. I’m just excited and happy – – – I want to play my album everywhere, I just want everyone to hear it.


In what way does a human prison and a penguin prison differ?

Ha! I guess a penguin one would be more like a zoo….like, they probably treat the penguins  better than the humans

Check him out at www.penguinprison.com

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