Gavin Friday – Catholic

Given its title, Catholic, and album art of a dead man wrapped in the Irish flag with a crucifix on his chest, one would have thought the tracks were going to be a lot more…angsty. Instead, Gavin Friday throws us a curveball and delivers a

Don Scannell – Three Silver Pieces

Irish Songwriter, Don Scannell, has released his debut album Three Silver Pieces. We are greeted with an intro and hugged by an outro; those of which consist of the sound of crackling film, twiddling instruments and airy vocals. Note: The intro/outro structure is a dying

Maga Bo – Ransom

Following Senseless Records’ 5th birthday, their release of Maga Bo’s Ransom EP is a welcome respite from the other generic sounds that are floating through our radio waves – featuring the collaboration of five different artists. Ransom mixes a heavy bass track with disjointed and

The Keys – Bitten By Wolves

The Keys’ debut album ‘Bitten By Wolves’ has a clear identity, evoking the essence of classic bands such as The Charlatans and The Coral , they have managed to conquer both the acoustic and amplified sounds of nineties guitar music and share it with us.

Melodica, Music and Me – Come Outside

Come Outside is the second single released from the aptly named Brixton group, Melodica, Music and Me. There are not many records in the world that have the ability to slow down your mental processes and soften your muscles, but Come Outside does exactly this.