Melodica, Music and Me – Come Outside

Come Outside is the second single released from the aptly named Brixton group, Melodica, Music and Me. There are not many records in the world that have the ability to slow down your mental processes and soften your muscles, but Come Outside does exactly this.

Is it the intricate minimalism? The laid-back arrangement? Or just the nostalgia-inducing qualities of the vocals? This Brixton huddle have managed to fuse the joviality of a jig, the quaintness of ukulele music and the feeling of the onset of summer into one beautiful setting.

No part is given any precedence over the other as some form of musical democracy seems to forge the strings, the hand drum, vocals and melodica all together – giving equal weight to every sound.

They have reinvented the idea of indie-folk and spurred into a new direction as there are enough intertextual layers of harmony and melody to make the third, fourth and fifth listens as pleasurable as the first.

Melodica Melody & Me “Come Outside” from gotofig2 on Vimeo.

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