La Viña: Tarta de Queso

As an aficionado of all things sweet, I was disappointed to discover that the standard of desserts were somewhat different in Spain. From Madrid to Barcelona to San Sebastián, you will quickly notice the invasion of the laminated, Wall’s dessert menu in every restaurant. To get a good dessert in Spain, you’ve sometimes got to purposefully seek it out; this is because, in my opinion, they believe the main course should be the only course – anything else is just buffer! This is why this month’s #PintxoPicker casts an eye on La Viña’s Tarta de Queso – officially THE BEST CHEESECAKE in San Sebastián.

La Vina - San Sebastian

Always baked on the day, these delicious treats are made in the traditional Roman way and can be eaten any time of day. Light in texture, rich in taste and without the biscuit base – they’re almost more like soufflés! Ask for a trocito for €3, or if you’re in a sharing mood, ask for un ración for €6. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a pintxo in La Viña.


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2 thoughts on “La Viña: Tarta de Queso”

  1. Agness says:

    I’m in a food heaven!!! Looks so delicious!

    1. annalamma says:

      oooooh yes! I’ve definitely got a sweet tooth and the cheesecake was soooo delicious. I can’t believe I lived in San Sebastian for a year before trying it. *slaps face*

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