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Casa Senra: Jamón con coulis Patxaran | Casa Senra: Jamón con coulis Patxaran – Invisible Images

Casa Senra: Jamón con coulis Patxaran

Casa Senra is a spreading secret on the restaurant scene in San Sebastián. Located on the residential side in Gros, it’s commonly off the tourist trail. I visited Casa Senra for the first time when an acquaintance of mine, a New York chef, was recommended to try it. He was starting up his own restaurant in the big apple and had come to San Sebastián to research great pintxos and recipes. This place has a lot of traditional basque plates and the service, quality and presentation is faultless.

Casa Senra Bacalao

There is an innumerable amount of standout pintxos but the Jamón is a personal favourite. When I first published this post I thought that Roasted Turbot with Tomato Confit and Pistachios was my favourite (pictured above). But upon entering Casa Senra a third time, I didn’t understand why this pintxo proved so popular. Not when there is a far superior dish to be had! Juicy roasted ham with a patxaran coulis, adorned with almonds, toasted sesame seeds, chive, membrillo (a quince fruit jelly) and Idiazabal cream (cheese made from sheep’s milk), I was on the point of tears it was so delicious. If you have never heard of Patxaran, then get clued up on my guide to liqueurs and drinks in the Basque Country. They also have a great selection of mains from 18 euros upwards.

Casa Senra Jamon con coulis Patxaran

Casa Senra Staff

The difference between a good croquette and a shite croquette is whether it was made in-house or not (which, I’m sorry, to say is not common). Most of the time they can be quite ‘stodgy’ but if made properly, croquettes are soft and light (see below). Casa Senra offer a variety of on-the-counter pintxos, but ANYBODY visiting should go for the HOT PINTXOS. There’s all sorts of culinary delights to try and it shouldn’t set you back beyond 4 – 5 euros.

Casa Senra Pintxos

Casa Senra

Casa Senra Bocatas



You’ll find many locals in here enjoying an early evening bite. If there are any places you’ve tried that you believe have outstanding bites to eat, get in touch below and spread the word!

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