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Indie Week 2014: Fri & Sat | Indie Week 2014: Fri & Sat – Invisible Images

Indie Week 2014: Fri & Sat

The final nights of Toronto’s Indie Week, were spent away from the Queen St W area, where most of the venues seem to be congregated. To mix things up a bit, I went down to The Royal, to watch a documentary film, Folk, following the lives of struggling musicians trying to make a success of themselves in a world where there is no industry to grow folk music (and before you say it, NO, Mumford & Sons are NOT folk).


Saturday night was all about Adelaide Hall, to see what sort of treats the organisers had put in store for us. Diana, was an amazing act. However, one could describe the band as ‘background music’ – that soundtrack to an amazing night out with friends but you have no clue who is playing. Towards the end of her set she finally grabbed me with a slow vocal number.


For the first three minutes the entire crowd stood there thinking, is this a joke? One scrawny guy up front on his guitar and a girl behind the drums with a boy cut – screaming. Then it all fell into place. Cousins and DIANA contrast in so many different ways, this nu-grunge two-piece was all about loosing control and feeling the beat, where DIANA was more cerebral and difficult to dance to. By the end of the show half the crowd where head-butting each other whilst the other half vibrated on the spot. Release your inner bass – that’s what Cousins were preaching to me. With a bit of improv sax, courtesy of another musician, Adelaide Hall was left impressed and half dressed.

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