Hendaye – Caught in the Middle

There are many beach towns along the Basque coast and Hendaye is usually overlooked. I see why. Apart from the 30 minute walk from the train station to the coast, the sights are relatively…uninspiring. It is snuggled up to the border of France, looking across the inlet which separates Hendaye from Spain. It’s a town caught between two cultures and therefore, lacking its own. Further north you can find the beautiful Saint-Jean-de-Luz and south, the historic walled city of Hondarribia. But Hendaye? Nothing more than a pit-stop. Apart from the surfing, the main attraction is the Château Observatoire Abbadia, a neo-gothic observatory built by an Irish-Basque man who really loved animals.

If you’ve been to this town and managed to have a good time, share your secret below! The public need to know.

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