Gabby Young & Other Animals @ Scala

June 13th 2012


Photos: annalamma

Gabby Young’s album launch extravaganza has put all album launch gigs to shame. Never will you find such an intricate tapestry of cupcakes, clothing and cards at a pre-show market. The Scala ceased to exist and we were beckoned into the town of ‘Little Gabblington’ as the official compères called it. The duo, dressed as a reverend and mayor, kept the audience entertained with raffle ticket based comedy and Satsuma throwing. But finally, after a wait filled with a tombola and drinks, the decadent Gabby Young came out to play with her ‘Animals’ who were none other than the support acts that came on before her. A harmonious cohesion took place and the show finally began.

GabbyThe sound that Gabby Young and her zoo create on stage can only ever be hinted at in a recording. Even though her album is a rollicking carnival fun, the live show is an orgasm of Big Band Jazz and shades of Bebop. In addition to lapses into gypsy swing, this is the closest you will get to spending a night at the Copacabana during the forties.

Amidst Gabby’s own exclamations of, ‘we like to pretend we don’t know what’s going on’, there was a disordered order as a stampede of up to twenty musicians swapped instruments, places and costumes. From Gabby’s Midsummer’s Night Dream-inspired outfit, her Greek styled vocalists and all-male brass section attired like Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, the entire show was a frantic feast for the eyes. GabbyThe end came all too soon and the encore should have unfurled for another day or so. Words cannot describe the plethora of varying sensations she bestowed upon her salivating audience. For your own insanity, Gabby Young and Other Animals must be seen live and in full technicolour.

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    Thanks a ton , a new follower .

    1. annalamma says:

      😀 It was one of the best gigs I’ve been to. Really intimate. And such talent!

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