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The Man Transfigures Land

It’s sad to leave you, you weren’t what I expected there’s a portion of me that has you reflected Your sweeping expanse, eyes set on the horizon you hold me to your heart to beat away all my crying. Cruising on through in a dusty

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Stranger Histories

This 90-year old woman that has been selling prawns on the same high street corner in Lewisham most weekends since she was a child in WWII. A man that has been travelling on the same bus route for about a decade, with the same cassette

Ballad To The Londonite

It’s a shit day, You don’t get paid for another month Bills spilling outta your pockets and into your socks And that tramp on Walworth Road’s got better luck. You’ve only got £1.20 on the oyster card, you’ll be walking to the oyster bar, It’s

Grab Your Coat

It think you’re hot stuff, I’ll get you what you want ‘cuz I’m a rock star, driving fifty cars. With my champagne, I’ll drive a man insane I’m telling you, I’m telling you…   That you’re my guy, you’re a fine type, And don’t you

Nameless in the U.S.A.

Nameless in the U.S.A Walking the streets looking for fame But all you feel is the guilt and the shame The past of the pain Doubling up again and again   Nameless in the U.S.A Walking the streets and tripping over their games You’ll do