Copenhagen City Guide For Urbanites

FIRST ARRIVAL It seemed like only minutes had passed between leaving Sweden and waking up in Copenhagen’s main station. A hotel called WAKE UP stood to attention on my right and a message scrawled across some buildings on my left spoke: Man Has The Right

Stockholm: an alpha city

Being in Stockholm did feel like a magical occasion – as this was the closest I had ever been to Santa, but being September, Christmas was still a mile off and I was curious to see what this great Scandinavian capital had to offer. When

Venice: a weekend trap

You never know what to expect when visiting a place held in such high-esteem by the cultural classes, and one also knows not what to write when opinions are somewhat opposed to general thought. To some, it’s simply a drowning city made of brick rafters,

King’s Cake – La Galette des Rois

The Christmas season is always a time of celebration and gift exchange, but for most of us this season ends with the Boxing Day sales. But for French and Spanish speaking countries – tradition continues. The Epiphany, January 6th,  is associated with the day the