Canada’s Sugaring Off Season. I’ll Tap That (…Maple Tree)

Maple Syrup takes pride of place in every home in Canada (well, stereotypically). It’s mixed into cocktails, poured over bacon and layered between pancakes. Mother Nature’s gift to Canada, who in return displays the maple leaf on their flag as a sign of solidarity to

The Most Shamefully Cliché Holiday Photos of the 21st Century

We’ve all been a victim (or perpetrator) of crimes against photography. What is it that makes people lose all sense of tact and originality when a camera is taken abroad? After drawing my own conclusions, I believe our verisimilitude in holiday photography lies in the

Bilbao Guggenhiem

The Best Places To Chill Out In Bilbao

Bilbao is the capital of Bizkaia and, in my mind, one of the fast developing autonomías in the Basque country. The farming background, rustic walks, and picturesque farm houses disappear as soon as you enter the city proper. Since moving to the Basque Country, I

Palace of Versailles

A reluctant post on the pleasures of Paris

Is it possible to dislike Paris but still love the museums, sights and culture? It’s like hating Spain but loving the beaches, food and weather. I suppose what I want to say is that I’m simply suspicious of Paris. I’ve been more than once and