Montréal: Eat, Drink, Fail at French, Repeat

It’s always a good idea to visit Montréal. That’s the lesson I will take back with me after spending a week in this trendy metropolis. With its character-driven industries and adamant non-nationalistic principles, many Canadians feel as if they’ve voyaged into a foreign kingdom when

Daytripping in Niagara

So, why is Niagara Falls one of the most famous falls in the world? It’s not the tallest, the widest or even the largest in terms of water capacity, but yet it draws in almost 12 million visitors a year. Since the early 1800s, Niagara

Canada’s Sugaring Off Season. I’ll Tap That (…Maple Tree)

Maple Syrup takes pride of place in every home in Canada (well, stereotypically). It’s mixed into cocktails, poured over bacon and layered between pancakes. Mother Nature’s gift to Canada, who in return displays the maple leaf on their flag as a sign of solidarity to