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Cymbals – Like An Animal

In the last two years, Cymbals have quickly garnered the attention of all the right people. From supporting Temper Trap to being paraded around national radio playlists, this friendly four piece are unostentatiously making a name for themselves. With largely mixed feedback on their 2011

Micah P Hinson @ The Louisiana

November 9th 2012 With large glasses, a flat cap and a chequered shirt, Micah P. Hinson resembles more of an art-house film director than a musician. His endearingly uncomfortable stage manner (leg spasms, rolling hips, eyes directed to heaven) are offset by his rough-yet-serene vocals.

D/R/U/G/S & Delphic @ Village Underground

November 1st 2012 Attending any show where the support act has stylised themselves as a nondescript narcotic is usually an indicator of kitsch things to come. Callum Wright aka D/R/U/G/S has seamlessly made the shift away from backstreet music blogs. Advertised as being part of

Post War Years – The Bell EP

Since January, Post War Years have made a herculean effort of pushing their new material to wider audiences. If you are familiar with their past work or if the last ten months have taught us anything, it is obvious that we’ve seen nothing yet. With

In The Woods 2012: Festival Wonderland

Population: 800…and rising Dates: First weekend in September Location: Secret Price: £35 Genre: Excitingly Eclectic Vibe: A One Night Stand that leaves you shaking on the grass and begging for more