Basque Country

How to drink like a local in the Basque Country

Kalimotxo is a drink for the younger generation. Perhaps in other countries people would consider you a chav or a council estate stereotype for mixing red wine and Coca-Cola, but here, it’s all the rage. Served with boat-sinking blocks of ice, it’s a great summer

Thrift Shop

Best Thrift Shops in San Sebastian

No matter the economic climate, people are always on the lookout for a bargain. And when travelling, sometimes a thirft shop is just what you need to replenish those long soiled rags called clothes you´ve been carrying around for weeks. San Sebastian is one of

Monte Ulía Senderismo

Take This Coastal Hike from San Sebastian to Pasaia

Unlike other cities, hiking is a ‘walk in the park’ for many locals. No cars, or train trips or overnight preparation is needed if you want to find a trail or route that will really flex those muscles. This walking route takes you from the


San Sebastian Carnival in Pictures

Every month there seems to be some sort of fiesta occurring. This March weekend was the official San Sebastian Carnival – or Inauteriak in Basque. For an entire weekend, the city was filled with music, singing and dancing. San Sebastian Carnival has had a history

San Sebastian’s Wild Weather in Pictures

Living by the coast obviously has its consequences, but an unprecedented destruction of the capital occurred during the very early hours of February 2nd. Many coastlines along western europe have suffered some degree of damage from the storm moving across the Atlantic, but residents of