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Basque Country

The Legend of Txindoki Mountain

For the past six months I have seen this mountain every day whilst travelling to work. It’s been a commanding presence on the landscape as Txindoki is visible from many towns in the Goierri and Tolosaldea region. It’s a stoney needle that juts out of

Mutriku – Sheltered Coast

Mutriku is a familiar destination on the Basque coastal route. Apart from boasting gorgeous, rocky views it’s a small town with a population of just over 5000 people. What attracted me about this place was its monolithic power station, which at first I thought were

Hendaye – Caught in the Middle

There are many beach towns along the Basque coast and Hendaye is usually overlooked. I see why. Apart from the 30 minute walk from the train station to the coast, the sights are relatively…uninspiring. It is snuggled up to the border of France, looking across

Semana Santa in Hondarribia 2014

Semana Santa (“holy week”) or Easter in continental Europe is much more of an extravagant affair. Instead of just passing around recycled chocolate eggs, streets come alive as the community gather to pay their respects and remember the saviour who died for their sins. The

How to drink like a local in the Basque Country

Kalimotxo is a drink for the younger generation. Perhaps in other countries people would consider you a chav or a council estate stereotype for mixing red wine and Coca-Cola, but here, it’s all the rage. Served with boat-sinking blocks of ice, it’s a great summer