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Bar Nestor: Tortilla | Bar Nestor: Tortilla – Invisible Images

Bar Nestor: Tortilla

I thought it would be great to start with a classic. La Tortilla! A simple and popular dish made badly by so many. Bar Nestor is famous for their tortilla, so much so that you have to place an order for it in the afternoon and come by to eat it in the evening. The secret to a good tortilla is the mix between moist ingredients and crispy potatoes encapsulated by a tender but firm outer shell (a bad tortilla is usually solid to touch and heavy to swallow). Throw in some caramelised onions and runny egg and this has people coming back time and time again. This tortilla serves 12, costs under 3 and comes with the obligatory trozo of bread to soak up the remaining pieces.

Bar Nestor Bar Nestor Bar Nestor

Besides the Spanish Omelette, Bar Nestor also has two other specialities: The Txuleta (steak – where customers indicate how much of what part they want) and Ensalada de Tomate (Tomato Salad), which comes in pieces on a plate, bathed in the best olive oil, with bread to serve. Bar Nestor has a friendly environment, a faithful clientele and warm staff. No better place to spend the evening with some amigos!


If you’re nice enough they might even give you one of their branded Bar Nestor aprons, then you’re really in the club! If you ever stop by, let me know what you think!

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