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Bar Alex: Risotto de Queso y Hongos | Bar Alex: Risotto de Queso y Hongos – Invisible Images

Bar Alex: Risotto de Queso y Hongos

Bar Alex is hands down my favourite pintxo joint in San Sebastián. Great prices, fantastic ingredients, perfect menus and astounding staff who go out of their way to insure you’re making the best of their hometown. The Raciones (sides – bigger than pintxos) are the best things to try.  Labelled as a wine bar, you’ll find a list of vinos on the blackboard which hail from Argentina and France to Germany! I like to keep it cheap and cheerful so I always opt for Sospechoso – a tempranillo wine.

Whenever I go to Bar Alex I always get a combination of the Brocheta de Gambas, Patatas Bravas, a tostada con tomate and the incredible cheese and mushroom risotto. I would say there’s at least three different cheese used in this pintxo, along with an oven-baked parmesan crisp and wild mushrooms. The flavours are perfectly balanced and the texture is light and grains are soft. Risotto certainly don’t get better than this.

Bar Alex - San Sebastian

You also won’t find better Patatas Bravas in this city. The brava salsa is not traditional as it has a mixture of paprika and cumin for a flavourful hit. In addition to perfectly sized potatoes, this makes the perfect sharing dish.

Bar Alex - San Sebastian

Bar Alex - San Sebastian

On their website, Bar Alex are proud of incorporating different culinary ingredients from places such as India, Turkey, Africa and America, whilst maintaining and upholding their Basque roots. I took my house guests to Bar Alex and the staff heard they were travelling to Barcelona the next day – so he called up his friend in Barça, on the spot, and asked for a list of places for them to try! Food runs through their blood and bones here.


Along with a ‘locals only’ vibe, Bar Alex is a must for your next culinary adventure in San Sebastián. Tell them I said ‘Hi!’

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