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Where to watch Eurovision 2016 in London

Where should you go to watch Eurovision 2016 in London? The answer is simple. With Australia competing for the second time in a row and Belarus’s entry performing naked, on stage with a live wolf – you have to be surrounded by like-minded crazies to

Vitoria Darkablar

5 Day Trips from San Sebastián 

Have you ever felt like you needed a holiday when on holiday? Day trips are the best way to refresh a vacation and provide a new perspective on your time away. If you’re staying in San Sebastian for more than a week, I advise you

Madrid cantantes de rueda

My Madrid Favourites

Madrid is a city of changing faces. The vibrance. The art. The bars. The landmarks. I spent two weeks in Spain’s capital, and never tired of finding new places to explore. But word to the wise, almost everything seems to be closed on a Monday.

Dreaming of Canada

#MondayMixtape: Dreaming of Canada

This playlist marks my departure from Canada and encapsulates the sound of my temporary experience. All the artists featured are from Canada and the tracks selected perfectly reflect the feeling of loss, bemusement and hopefulness. This playlist is for anyone that is in a reflective